Wednesday 8 September 2004

Too annoying?

That I keep changing everything on this?

I am vaguely dissatisfied with the layout/naming convention, etc.

Truth is, I am having Blog Envy.

Rob Mini Cooper's blog ( is pithy and cool and smart and has neato pictures. I never should have looked at Rob Mini Cooper's blog. Plus, HIS friends actually COMMENT and write stuff. Now I feel inadequate and like I have to be insightful and clever. Darn that Mini Cooper.

Let me ask you, gentle readers, your opinion, since you ostensibly are to be reading this flipping thing.

Name of my blog
Cheese Whisper too queer? Am I trying too hard here? Was charming gardener better?
Here were other ideas -- I wish I was able to say they were my ideas, but I surfed for them. Is amazing what one can find on that there internet.
Whadda you think?
  • Zip Up Your Rants
  • The Salty Pigeon
  • Soul You Know
  • Smile Quotient
  • Mainlining Happiness
  • Know Order

Please Vote. (Speaking of voting -- I just registered in VA, so I can get my absentee ballot. And my vote may even count!)

1 comment:

Jules said...

I think the name of your site is cool. It made me smile :).