Wednesday 1 September 2004

Bridges to Virginia

I'm OUT.
Of my apartment.
Of keeping the "secret" (which was not very secret) of my pending move.

Bosses know.
Notice given.
Friends and family all know.
I'm free to slack off, fake laugh at short-timer jokes, and be taken to lunch.

A good step.

I am ending my 12-year stint in DC doing the one thing I was able to avoid all this time -- commuting. Thanks to air conditioning and the To Go cup from Barbara's house full of Barbara's coffee, I can almost get the love/hate/glazed/drone feeling driving down Glebe, passing the many ambiguous ethnic eateries and CVSes with parking lots. (They exist!)

This does let me know just how ready for a change I really am -- I am already glad for a new view -the Landmark Theater near her house -- different restaurants, different weird neighbors. Sometimes it is just better to trade old shit for new shit. It takes a while to realize it is still shit, but fun in the discovery.

Count down.

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