Wednesday 22 September 2004

be bold & might forces will come to your aid

Thank the lord jesus.
I am in the final final dregs of my days here at the office and weeding through seemily ancient, 2000 and 2001 files, papers and even more startling -- e-mails.

Do you keep your old e-mails -- both sent and received? Take a gander back. It almost hurts your teeth how shiny and clear the past hurls into your present. I have not been the least bit sad until I started reading from my "keepers" e-mail folder. Whew- for people like me who rely heavily on e-mail sustenance during the day, they brought me back. The keepers are kept for the extreme -- good and bad and reading through them made me flood with the feeling that has been uptapped through this moving/quitting/leaving adventure. Friends going, work appreciated, rough drafts of hard words to say to the boy, and even more precious small notes of reminders of love.

I read them and felt them and didn't keep them. I wonder if that was a mistake.

Now just add some margaritas and see what happens.

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