Tuesday 11 July 2023


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Central District,
Hong Kong.

Dear Sir/Madam

BBK LOAN VENTURES HONG KONG has set aside $10 Billion US Dollars for our BBK Loans Program. We are giving loan grants between from US$100,000 USD - $500,000,000 USD (One Hundred Thousand US Dollars-Five Hundred Million US Dollars). This Loan Program is to help and encourage both Small, Medium and Big Businesses Grow. BBK loans interest rate is affordable at 3% Per Annum within a period of 1-10 years repayment time period.

This program is available to all credible and honest loan seekers who are in need of a personal and business loan.

Fill in the blank spaces for full application:

 1. Full Name(s):
 2. Address:
 3. Occupation:
 4. Age:
 5. Male/Female:
 6. Origin Country:
 7. Residing Country
 8. Mobile No:
 9. Loan Amount Needed:

Send in all loan applications to our E-mail; bbkloanventures@hotmail.com

Ms. Katherine Alawi
Publicity Manager
BBK Loan Ventures HK.
Hong Kong.
Email: bbkloanventures@hotmail.com

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