Sunday 12 July 2009

brain dump

This happens to me all the time.

When something big is coming up -- like a move, a big trip, getting married, or perhaps giving birth-- I tend to hyper list. Scraps of paper. Random thinking. A bit skatty and ping pongy.

So indulge me as I dump the contents of my head to get it out.
  • To doula or not to doula. Must find the right doula
  • Do I need a new nightgown for the hospital?
  • One of my friends has her hospital bag packed already, should I?
  • When will my remaining clothes totally stop fitting?
  • Who knew you could bring music and snacks to the hospital? This opens up another whole group of lists
  • Must buy clock radio for the guest room for the Tour of Guests 2009
  • Summer soups - not ones serves cold ... hmmm
  • Wow, I need a pedicure
  • I wish we had Target - I need new comfy pants I can go out in public in
  • Pre-Tastic podcasts are great and I can't stop listening to them
  • Do you tell insurance people when you have a baby? When?
  • Does the UK have tax deductions like the US?
  • Wouldn't it be nice if I had a "go-to" group of easy recipes for my guests when then come -- for both pre and post baby?
  • Why do US people seem so much more upbeat about pregnancy than UK? (pregtastic podcasts vs. NCT DVD and info)
  • I really don't feel like cooking
  • Can't stop doing laundry
  • Glucose Tolerance Test Wednesday -- ugh hope I don't have Gestational Diabetes. That would suck
  • When am I going to start thinking about things other than pregnancy and babies? I am boring even myself.
  • Mark is cute when he is covered in paint. When WILL he be finished???
  • Am I gonna have a baby shower?
  • gotta pee
  • Maybe getting a cleaner every other week during MAT leave is a good idea
  • I wish we had a car so I could go shopping today
  • When will the birth books from Amazon come?
  • The pile of baby things in the office looks sad and, well, piled. I can't wait to put things in their place
  • I miss drinking
  • What is my Birth Plan? Low dose/patient controlled epidural/no episiotomy/calm environment. not too many people/can do attitude/reassurance/sorry of I swear at you/whoosh- here's the baby/please
  • Stairs are hard. 55 to our flat is becoming an expedition
  • When do I send in my Maternity Allowance form?
  • Am I eating too much peanut butter toast?
  • No good movies out
  • Is the baby room gonna be too baby-ish and bug me?
  • gotta pee
  • mmmm, peanut butter toast


Anonymous said...

That's quite a list--your mind is working overtime. First things first...get a pedicure and everything else will fall into place!


Maureen said...

Roughly in the order you asked, here are some answers:

1. I didn't have a doula, but a good friend of mine did and loved it. It's entirely a personal choice. The first few weeks are so chaotic and crazy it might be helpful to have an extra adult on hand to pitch in.

2. Do. NOT. Get. New. Nightgown. for. Birth! Get the most comfortable thing you can to wear, but something you won't mind getting rid of if it gets gross/bloody. I gave birth to both boys in a large nightshirt I'd had since college, and I tossed it after Nicholas was born. However, I would say, get something (relatively) nice for pictures the next day.

3. Your friend who has packed her bag is crazy (Though I say that in the nicest way possible.) However, you're talking to a woman who waited until the last week to pack her back (I kept putting it off for so long that Tim finally "wrote" a letter from the baby asking me to do it.)

4. Nope, no tax deductions. But you do get some sort of monthly child tax credit, where the British government will send you money, which amounts to about one pack of Pampers.

Good luck!

sinead said...

what up ... sorry to hear you are feeling skatty .... is that scottish for shitty? har har