Monday 25 May 2009

Fame! (I'm gonna live 4ever. I'm gonna learn how to fly!)

At least for the day! Dig my article about Life Clubs in today's Scotland's Daily Record.
A giant photo of me and my name SEVERAL times feels weird. And nice.

I recall that I also really SAID all those things but they didn't sound nearly so precious at the time. Nor do I remember trying to sound British. (Rubbish, Brilliant, Have A Go) Do I really talk like that when I am trying to fit in?

Well it is a good day for the Scots as they now know that we exist!

Too bad there is no mention as to how to attend! (!)

P.S. Look how LONG my hair is!


Anonymous said...

okay, I clicked through to read the article before I got to the bottom of your post. So, of course, and even before I read your PS, I thought -- Oh my goodness, look at that long, luxurious hair! Is this strong, healty pregnancy hair? Were prenatal vitamins the answer all along?


charming gardener said...

I added the P.S. JUST for you!
That photo was taken a while ago (was I even pregnant? ) So you can imagine the affect of more baby growth hormones. You may call me Crystal Gale. And when, I wonder, will I/we stop obsessing on my hair length.

Anonymous said...

Do you ever hurt your neck when you unwittingly sit on your hair then move your head? Does it get caught in escalators? You can't be too careful, you know.


kq said...

seriously. the hair. it is the first or maybe second thing that i thought when i saw the pdf. you look lovely. and it is a very nice piece.