Wednesday 1 April 2009


Yes. I have not been blogging.

Thank you for noticing! A
nd not for lack of happenings...

  1. Went to Canada to help train new hosts for Life Club Shalom Village!
  2. Played in Elora with Chris & Dave & Gary
  3. Saw my parents and Aunt Dot in WI
  4. Been rocking my Glasgow Life Club
  5. Coaching my regular peeps
But mostly, what has been taking up most of my time, psychic energy and all my physical and mental and emotional real estate has been ...
  1. Sleeping
  2. Feeling like I was run over by a truck
  3. Napping
  4. Padding around in soft clothes eating cereal
  5. Being on the edge of barfing
Because, yes, many of you know and if you don't you may have surmised, I am pregnant!

I found out on my actual birthday and my first trimester was consumed with my very own self. I know I could have been blogging about all the other nice things happening, but since I knew I couldn't go public, I created a self imposed gag order.

Cat outta the bag. I am almost 14 weeks along the way, feeling more like myself and starting to have the news really take purchase in my brain. It is time to get excited! Which we are. In batches between slight freak out and wonderment.

Taking it all in stages and not at the point where I can watch any Discovery Channel "Extreme Labor" or "Baby Stories" yet because the end game still makes me woozy. For now I am happy to stay awake all day, have an appetite, go out into the world and be active, and watch my belly grow.

I promise not to make this blog all about pregnancy nay about parenthood.

I hope it, as I, remain still my own person with a brain and interests and things to say.

Now just Plus One. Perhaps with more insight.


Anonymous said...

Swear it's not an April Fools posting!



charming gardener said...

Oh Andy. Thank god someone commented. I thought I'd lost all my readers forever. :-)

Anonymous said...

Well, if I'm your only reader, then you can feel free to make this blog all about pregnancy, nay parenthood.

It had been a very, very long snow strom.