Monday 27 April 2009

additional movements

1) Giant amounts of long and skinny timber and wood and various building bits and bobs arrived at our flat this morning
2) This means Mark can get cracking on building a cupboard/closet with a door for all the tool crap
3) And a closet for the wee babe
4) And he also ordered new (against my wishes grr) new worktops for the kitchen (we need ANOTHER PROJECT??)
5) And await a new sink so we can use the dryer in the kitchen
6) I made a chocolate cake (which looks nothing like the photo. Mine is 100% Betty Crocker. And crooked)
7) I get up 2x a night for bathroom breaks
8) Newly sprouting back pain
9) Survived going to Glasgow's Baby Show where I saw many things I never want
10)Now sporting new (too much info?) maternity brassiere and belly band, which is like a big tube top that you wear on your hips to disguise that you can't button your pants. (Where has this invention BEEN?)

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