Wednesday 19 November 2008


And yes. I am back from the final retreat for Leadership.
And yes, here's my initial greatest hits for the week.
Expect the impact to come!

  • holding multiple screens

  • popcorn ... doritos ... cheetos ... twizzlers ... hummus TOSS

  • the feast of our quests

  • passing the baton

  • of course

  • creating the colour/intended impact

  • silence serving

  • claim new territory and aliveness

  • Porcupine Launch Party

  • reading the level 3

  • Ain't No Mountain High Enough

  • Point the conversation

  • Gather and gather and gather all the FEAR ... AND STEP

  • stake as leader

  • Big L leader

  • dance in the paradox between action and learning

  • raise the bar

  • if you aren't stepping through fear you are at small L leadership

  • love letters

  • be orange to create green

  • scavenger hunt in the real world

  • elders

  • if you know how it looks you are following

  • celebrate and inspire

  • R Fourians

  • when not on stake you are dying a little

  • love tunnel

  • the grandfather tree (with the sprites)

  • change the conversation from fear to possibility

  • beacons of light

  • what takes you out of the model?

  • sleevies

  • locking in the learning for R1, R2, R3 and R4

  • accountability partners

  • when at level 1, you have no stake

  • bringing the light

  • dire consequences

  • the keys to our leadership

  • Pat and Jennifer stepping into coffee and breakfast leadership

  • Julie Andrews point

  • driving up the mountain

  • intention for the tribe

  • move from learner to practitioner

  • falling off and on the model

  • what's next for me as a leader?

  • Porcupine flag

  • leaving 'launched'

  • molecules grounded

1 comment:

William Rey Ong said...

You really have fun with your group.

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