Thursday 23 October 2008

Notes from the universe

My friend Chole forwarded this note she got from "the Universe"

You can imagine how jealous I was.  After all,  it seems so friendly and direct to get a note from the universe -- instead of my usual vague inference of what you think the universe is telling you. Here in black and white -- actual messages!

So naturally I looked into how I could get in on the deal.  

Indeed, Notes from the Universe is the invention of Mike Dooley, Adventurer and Founder of , (Totally Unique Thoughts).  His motto is "Thoughts become things -- make sure they are good ones."  Not a bad notion. 

And when you sign up for the email list, they ask you to take The Oath.  Which given present circumstances (or ANY circumstances) seems to be a pretty smart thing to take on.

Indeed, I pledge YES.

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William Rey Ong said...

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