Thursday, 6 September 2007

not much to say

Feeling in the soup while Mark is in the thick of finishing his dissertation and looking hard for a job. It all feels quite real. We take long daily walks to discuss options and muse scenario planning. It is probably an exciting time of our lives. Probably. Shame it is also bloody stressful. Lots of energy poured into hope.

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Anonymous said...

I found your blog when looking for a Life Coach in the Frederick MD area - your information grabbed my eye - you would understand the international aspect of my life. I have lived all over - including 7 years in the UK. I wanted to say this before my comment so you did not think i was more of a stalker then i seem...i have learned quite a bit reading how you think. and thank you for your blogs.

Yes, you are in a wonderful place. And it is only stressful cause you care about the outcome. Make some sense? Don't forget to breath. Life has some great things in store for you and Mark.

Cat -