Saturday 29 September 2007


Seems just when you really need it, you get an unexpected injection of good feeling right in the gooey center.

And this morning I feel the cumulative effects of:

- my weekend with the future coaches and Lex bringing back why I like to coach, why Lex is seriously a keeper and glimpses of what I want more of

- the grace of Mark in his hours of demand, without complaint and powering through

- the shouts out from new and old readers who say they like to read this here blog, giving me more pause that you know

- the premature need for scarves and heavier coats up north here in Scotland, cuz it has been cold all summer, at least now we can dress for it

- through the sad lose of Uncle Al, a connection to time, to family, to core ground

- the 10% turn of feeling in the air that autumn is here, inspiring fires, hot drinks and giant goblets of red wine

- because I KNOW Mark will get a good job very soon and things will change and those things will be good

- It is ok to be just where we are


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Mark for completing his dissertation! I'm sure you are both able to relax a little now and are looking forward to reaping what you sow. Know that you are both in our thoughts... and we look forward to seeing you soon. peace and love, the underbates

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Mark! All your hardwork will pay off. Enjoy each other and both deserve it!