Saturday 14 July 2007

I knew I loved him for a reason

Those of you who know me or possibly have Met me know that I love Peter Mulvey in a somewhat stalkerbutfromthepurestplacenotatallicky way. I heart him for his smoky, deep and rich voice, his twinkly eyes, his Milwaukee south side roots, his clever, quick witted brain, his musical prowess and his all around hunkyness. Now I can add environmental conscience to that as well.

He tours like a madman across the globe and is embarking on a new venture -- "Look Ma, No Gasoline" Tour where he & his gear will bike to all his gigs. It is a smart, cool and news worthy way to keep his carbon footprint down and his thighs strong.
Read all about it on his site.

Better yet, buy his music and keep him in business. He is the kind of guy we want making music and on the road. While I fully admire and support his green gigs, I hope this does enough to offset his footprint to get his arse on a plane and play in the UK. His audience needs him!

P.S. Hands up for those who saw the heading and thought I was gonna write about Mark. He is nice too but the dude can't hold a key.


Anonymous said...

good to hang with you too. and you were fine: you were honest and direct, which is better than most things. i'll be back on the east coast at the end of august, it seems, in easton, maryland, at the globe theatre.

perhaps i'll see you there. take care.
* peter

"as falls wichita so falls wichita falls"
* pat metheny

charming gardener said...

HOW LONG did it take you to find that? I have been waiting.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, it took me about one minute to find it. I was on vacation, which explains the delay. Do you want to go sit on the beach?