Sunday 29 October 2006

from charming maeve

God bless Mary Jaffe and her keen understanding of the power of the Mary Jane and her keen sense of kindness.

I am modeling my Mary Jane slippers which I have not much taken off since she sent them to me a week ago. Ridiculously adorable and they make me disproportionally happy. Posted by Picasa


kq said...

precious. really. and such happy colors.

but carol, are your wearing them on the right feet? does it matter? i guess not, but i stared at this image for a good long while wondering what was going on? is that it? don't the buttons go on outside of the foot, not the arch?

is it arch of me to mention this?

did mary jaffe make them? and are they felted? i wish i could knit. for real. i think that this was a resolution of mine one year. knitting. and running a marathon.

oh well.

Anonymous said...

I just read kelly's comment and laughed. And then I looked closer and I realized that i think your legs are crossed and that is why it looks like they are on the wrong feet. am I right?

charming gardener said...

... All so observant, you. I am not crossing my legs but apparently I DO have them on the wrong feet. (who knew? apparently you guys) According to Mary, they are from none other than TARGET -- so you can go get some happy feet too!

sinead said...

i feel like we are all in the same room talking about carol's shoes .. ahhhhhh .....a

kq said...

listen carol will you start posting other pictures with one obscure thing slightly off so that we have to scrutinize and then weigh in?

it might be fun. sort of like where's waldo but carol in scotland.

like set the table with the fork on the wrong side.

Anonymous said...

I have to say, even the girl from Wisconsin noticed they were on the wrong feet!! HA! HA!