Friday 21 June 2024


Dearest Friend,

My name is Roman Abramovich and I was the former owner of Chelsea Football Club which has been sold out and all funds have been given to charity since I seriously condemed the Russian invasion in Ukraine which i am against the president's decision Mr. Vladmir Putin as we have since both parted ways for good..  I found your email address and profile on Google search and saw a distinguished person about you.. In this regard i am offering that you contact my account officer which i will send to you his contact email address and that would be after I have received your personal details in your next reply to me. He will help you secure the the sum amount of $100,000,000 (ONE HUNDRED MILLION US DOLLARS ONLY). After receiving this funds i want you to donate 60% of the funds to any good Charity Organization and Motherless Babies Homes of your choice and you can thereafter have the rest for yourself. You will co-operate with the account officer to secure the funds. Please take note that during the course of this transaction there will be no phone call or communication, this is for security reasons.

You should send the following information back to me so i can forward it to my account officer as i have briefed him already about this matter.

1. Full Name:
2. Nationality/Country of Origin:
3. Country Currently Staying:
4. Age:
5. Male/Female:

I expect to hear from you immediately.

Best Regards,

Roman Abramovich
Former Owner; Chelsea FC

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