Saturday 10 April 2010

why doesn't Andy comment anymore?

Where are you Andy?  Don't you love us anymore?


Anonymous said...

(oh my goodness, I'm so excited, so honored, and feel so loved)

Um, hello, February 18 to April 5? Really? You should be thanking me for not commenting on the rich irony of "Mothers who don't do anything post" being followed by more than a month of "mother who doesn't do anything." Your extended silence has been more of an offense than that time you wore a denim shirt with jeans.

(Actually, I thought you had just put your updates on Facebook where all of your cool friends are)

That kid is insanely cute, and I'm glad to finally see some pictures on this blog.

Um, is that a real t-shirt? Because I have a few people I'd like to buy that for.

Andy (not the nice one)

charming gardener said...

SO good to get your attention again.
And I'll have you know I am wearing a summer scarf.

charming gardener said...

Oh- by the way - for your fan club-

Anonymous said...

My "fan club" saw your blog and informed me that the t-shirt would be an unwise and unwelcome Mother's Day gift.

Go. Figure.

Maybe I'll get her a summer scarf. In every color.