Sunday 1 November 2009

12 days after birth

  • eyelashes coming in
  • sleeping 3.5- 6 hours at a shot
  • gaining 2 oz a day
  • outgrowing smallest outfits
  • discovering and admitting my own melt down hour
  • trying desperately to sleep when he sleeps and insure a daytime nap
  • seeing Mark as baby whisperer and ultimate Lewis calmer
  • witnessing more consciousness emerge when we lock eyes
  • adorable baby sneezes and hiccups
  • setting up nursing station with laptop, jug of water, ipod, pillows, remote, blankets, house phone, reading material, snax and mobile phone.
  • giving up being house chef and laundry folder to allow Mark to showcase his skills
  • out and about in slings -- enduring the curious stares -- and questions "is that a dog in there? you shouldn't carry a dog like that."
  • being in charge of Input and Mark in charge of Output (wonder how long I can get away with that one)
  • feeding like a champ. both of us
  • falling more in love everyday

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Anonymous said...

your public needs more pictures!