Monday, 12 January 2009

somewhere over the ...

I was on the phone chatting with Lex this morning and I looked outside my office window to see this beauty.

I am still excited and giddy about seeing rainbows. There were rare and often caused by spilled gas on the driveway when I grew up. Here in the UK, they are more frequent, given all the mini weather systems here and high chances for the on-off rain.

So whenever I see them I still feel really lucky. They feel magical and fleeting. And indeed this one was only out for about 5 minutes. And I got to see it.

I guess it reminds me to keep my eyes open for those glimpses of wonder in everything. Look for the beauty and the magic and I will be more likely to find them.

As I head into a new year with clean pages to fill, I want to remember to look for the Wow/Now moments of awe and look at my life with excitement and appreciation.

The pot of gold can't be far away.


Anonymous said...

You are not alone in your excitement for rainbows. I saw the most incredible one last fall in DC while I was out for a run. I also learned a very hard lesson about literally chasing rainbows.


Anonymous said...

What a beauty dear friend! So many on the west coast (seattle), and not so many here (Toronto), although we do have Snowbows, yes Snowbows! They are very elusive, and usually show up in the winter mornings when there is just enough snow dust blowing around.

What is it about rainbows/snowbows? I believe they make the world stop for a while...

Loveya sister "C"