Wednesday 10 December 2008

blogging lameness

Yeah. Not much action here lately.

Since I have been back from R4, I realise I have kind of  gone south and AWOL, blogging-wise.

Not sure if it is the sheer delight to be Not Going Anywhere for a while. 

Or completing the Doing Hard Things and Growing as a Leader, which has wonderfully captured my attention for the last 11 months. 

Or maybe since we are still a wondering about the future of Mark's continuity of income.

Or perhaps the easy throwaway updates that Facebook allows. "Carol is ... Not Updating Her Blog with anything substantial since Facebook is to easy and lazy"

But I know. Lame. 

Sometimes when I am avoiding thinking I think I avoid posting because it inevitably forces me to speak my truth. 

So I am postponing  my  Smart Thinking, New Projects, Forward March mentality until the nice 2009.  

Beauty and order. Christmas and cozies. Home and hearth. Visitors and fun.

These are my current priorities. And I hope that from them, from that, the rest will follow.

1 comment:

William Rey Ong said...

Whatever happens your reading will remain. Just like me.

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