Monday 29 September 2008

a lot of pacing

So I have been kinda absent from here. 

I blame many things.

  1. facebook and its damned easily accessible, updateable and addictive status updates
  2. laziness
  3. restlessness
  4. too much to say
  5. nothing to say
  6. inertia
  7. silence
  8. play
  9. distraction
And now it is time to pull the finger out so to speak.  Tomorrow I start the Glasgow LIFE CLUB. (Insert wild applause here)

I am excited and nervous and also again excited. It is putting my money where my mouth has been for a while and I am thrilled to be actually walking the talk a bit more.

So, here is where I put my intention for myself and for the group.

I really want to show up 100% fully me.  I want transparency and full permission to try stuff and fail and stay.  It is my leadership stake.  

I want to create a safe, fun and easy space where people can take their brain off and stay a while.  And have a rest from the pace and masks they wear in the 'real' world and get to just breathe and take the time to ponder what they want more of.  And along they way, they get to meet other kind folks in their similar boat. I want them to come away with possibilities of what life can be. 

Now to get all my particles in a row. And decide what to wear!


kq said...

good luck carol

Madeline (aka Miri) said...

I am inspired by you. i wish I could come to your meeting!