Wednesday 30 July 2008

how the other half lives

I am en route to Madison, Wisconsin for my In Between project with Hanna and I am lucky enough to have been treated to many many Northwest miles by my brother Mike to arrive on Business Class.

You know... behind the curtain.

I like to BE in different places.  I just don't always like the getting there. I like to be comfortable. Room. Space. Air. More probably than most folk. So long haul flights typically leave me a bit debilitated and  wrong for a few days upon arrival to my destination.

And today. Today was (is) different.  For instance, I am typing this from the DTW World Perks Lounge. Never before have I crossed the threshold of the exclusive clubs.  They have all sorts of snacks and free drinks -- booze too - and plugs for various electronics and lots of staff looking after you.  Lots of places to sit and look out the window as you eat cheese n crackers.  WOW.

And my flight getting from Amsterdam to Detroit. WOW.  Yes, nice food (3 courses, a snack and lots of "anytime" foods you can help yourself to) but more amazingly, the SEATS.  Recline. Feet up. 90% horizontal. And they make the seatbelts longer so you can Turn On Your Side while you are nearly lying down.  It almost felt like real Sleep!

I am sold.  

Seriously.  I am 2 flights in and in my 15th hour since I left my house at 4:10 a.m. and I feel perky and pampered. 

Why must we suffer so in the back? 

And how can I insure that all my travel hence forth is done in this manner?

The humanity of it all. To be treated with such civility and comfort. It think it may be a new value I am uncovering.

Now off to the cookies before I turn into a pumpkin and have to return to the cheap seats. 

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Anonymous said...

Now that you've had a taste of business class, it'll be hard to go back to coach. Best of luck with your workshop - have fun reminiscing and visiting some old haunts in Madtown, too.