Tuesday 11 March 2008

the moment you have all been waiting for

I went to the gym.

After months of every excuse I could think of and then generally lalalalaing and running from my conscience I pulled out my finger. 

Maybe it was hurting my back from what I am imagining loose core muscles of too many nights on the couch that put me over the edge.  Or knowing that I am going to Florida in May and I shudder to expose anything below my neck.  Or knowing that I am going back to Leadership in May where I will face more psycho/physical challenges and it will be shorts weather there.  Or maybe because the sun came out today. 

Or maybe I am just ready.

I tried not to think about it as I put on my sports bra and gear, trainers (which felt oddly tight) with Mark's nicked nano iPod and a big bottle of H2O and went. 

Virgin Active near our house is really nice. And surprisingly populated for a mid-day/mid-week  visit.  Granted, I didn't set any records today... after all, I am still popping anti inflammatories like tick tacks.  But I got sweaty. And I feel my muscles underneath all my flesh wanting to come out and be used. 

It didn't feel as bad as I imagined.  It felt, in fact, good. Mostly to my conscience, who has been taking a beating for a very long time on this issue.  It is nice to come clean. 

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