Wednesday 15 August 2007

sunny side

I don’t mean to be so dear about it, but my favourite part of the day has become my walk to work.

I create a new path and meander the 20 minutes zigging and zagging to follow the sunny side until I reach my office. It dries my hair. It makes me breathe. You see, the last week or so has been featuring Actual Sun, which for us this summer is not just novel, but we are collectively gagging for it.

I spent last weekend in the south of England in the Bournemouth area with Lexie & Martin and it was 70+ degrees and azure, clear skies. I about died of happiness. I always professed to be one who enjoyed a melancholy, grey day… but I think I need to change my tune. The dark and unpredictable climate these last few months has really gotten to me in a way which I had not recognised. It isn’t just the warm temperatures, but the feeling of summer – relaxed, fun, silly, and light hearted I’ve been missing. Even though we grown ups (ok some of us grown ups!) have to go to an office and pretend to be adult, summer still can be a different state of mind. Linen and salad thinking, not black wool and potatoes.

Now, I wrote the above last week and it has been rainy on my daily sojourn to work, but it still applies even in the clouds. There is something about walking as a means of transport that slows you down enough to hear your head. The summer attitude I need to work on.

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