Friday 8 June 2007

All Day PJ

It is true. Mark said he heard it on the radio today. My All Day Pyjama fantasy is cracking before my eyes.

School puts stop to 'pyjama mamas'
Looking at women in their nightwear has become a sight for sore eyes for the principal of one east Belfast primary school. Joe McGuinness of St Matthew's Primary School has written a letter to parents asking them not to wear pyjamas while they drop their children off at school.

Read the rest of the story from BBC ...

What these women don't know is that sportswear is as fantastically forgiving and cosy as the actual jam jams and much more acceptable in the world. Even gives the appearance of being sporty and fit. Amateurs.

1 comment:

kq said...

maybe they need some juicy couture velour track suits?

i can barely organize myself to get out of the house in the morning, if i had to get little people to school, heavens. i may be compelled to squire them in a bath sheet.