Sunday 12 November 2006

shorter, browner, better

This is how people forget their natural hair colour. Once again, I ventured to a new salon for a re-browning and a bit of a cut. Here's the result. I am oddly UN-bothered. Kicky and a bit sassier. Mostly I have lost the will to care too much. Glad to get the red out.

Besides just sharing my hair saga, this photo has an actual purpose.

It is going to be for my UK provisional driving licence. After 2 + years of driving with my white knuckles here, and making it up as I go, I have to bite it and take the test. Or should I say tests. Theory and practical. My US licence expires in January so I need to get the real deal here before that. It involves way more than you'd imagine and I may even take actual driving lessons here, which is what most folk do. I did the
math and I have been driving (wait for it) 22 years. Time to un-learn the bad habits and get back to Mr. Kedrowski's drivers ed mantra of keeping hands at 10 and 2. Except all on the other side of the road. Maybe even the motorway.

In other news, I am now officially working a 4-day week which I think may save my sanity and my life. I've only have one Monday so far and it was booked solid with coaching and the aforementioned hair. This week's Monday promises to be exclusively my own -- for books and a movie and the gym and catching up or shopping or all or none of those. Sigh. Shades of yesteryear.

It is hard to believe we have only been here 4 months. We are shoulder deep in life. Work, school, schedules, routines, go-to handlers sorted like acupuncturist, hair, dry cleaning, cobbler, butcher, florist, bakery, hardware store, manicures, gym, movie theaters, doctors. We need a dentist. But other than that, we know who and where we are. It is amazing how comforting that is to have sorted. In retrospect it took a lot of psychic energy to make our way. Now on to the next phase. Get to the things on my list that are more deeply connected to the future... not just running to keep up with the present. Posted by Picasa

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