Thursday 11 August 2005

a crime in cambridge

Mark's bike was nicked.

Like the true Cambridgers, we biked to an outdoor comedy show at Jesus Green last Saturday night.

Double locked to my greenie... the thieves cut through 2 ropy strong locks and were off in the night with his impressive-looking but really crap mountain bike. And my proud greenie, with her pretty orange -flowered bell and basket stood alone and abandoned -- her pal being ripped from her. The crooks must not have thought she was worth stealing.

True, the 2 bikes hadn't know each other long, but were quite attached to each other after the many trips to the gym and country rides and being locked together. After all, it made for intimate spoke connections and wheel touching. And with her being a tried and true type -- a little beat up but well loved and him being sporty but a little inept -- they made a perfect pair.

Now she has a new friend paid for with insurance money -- posh and proper mountain bike with red stripes. She isn't sure of this new flash pal. What kind of bike is he? Will he appreciate her quirky nature and classic styling? Will he wait for her as she works her 3 speeds or zoom past in a showy off-road cloud of dust?

And will Mark's old bike just move on to the next pal, or is he silently leaking oil in grief?

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Anonymous said...

So… you offer up this bike thievery story… it starts out sad, but finishes up with a somewhat happy ending. I am saddened to hear that the old friend is gone, and I share in your grief as I know that feeling well. But now a new hero has arrived, to bring countless hours of joy from this day forward. Yet no photos of the new steed are included in this posting? What are us “fellow bikers” supposed to do? Although it may seem shallow to some, a few of us bikers are still just gearheads. Although we love the physical “act of cycling", we are also very visual creatures, and therefore we enjoy the beauty of the physical equipment just as well. Some of us are not so creative, what are we supposed to do... use our imaginations? I think I broke mine years ago. A photo of the new “red-striped wonder” please!

Also, it has been great seeing photos of you, and a treat to see pics of “Mom and Dad.”

Congratulations on your engagement! And smack him on the head for me for taking soooo long to grab a great girl!

Twenty year “GHS Class of 1985” class reunion is this weekend. Scary!

Love, J.A.K.