Friday 15 July 2005

fit camp finish

So, for the last 6 weeks, I have been going to the gym 4-5x a week and enduring hard core sweating and grunting and lifting, and puffing. I've done spinning, weights, treadmill trekking, aqua fitness, power walk/run, circuits, groove dance, Legs, Bums and Tums, power yoga, endless ab work, and cycling back n forth to the gym endlessly, and WHEW!

Throughout the 6 weeks, I complained, but I did it. And then I started doing less complaining and kinda (shhh) started liking it. It felt good to be doing it -- to be pushing myself, sweating in the name of fitness. And fun to have fit mates to winge with and rally each other on. I learned that I adore aqua classes. Lord- I am so LIGHT in the H2O. And no sweating! A beautiful combo. And I learned that I am stronger than I thought, in both mind and bod.

And yesterday it all came down the pike. I had my 'after' measurements... total drumroll. I'll admit, I was nervous. I loved NOT knowing, as anything was possible and it took the focus OFF of weight loss and onto feeling better and getting fit. But this was reality. What if all my hard work didn't amount to much on the scale?
I knew I was smaller -- my clothes told me so. As did the mirror. And Mark, when prodded with a stick to tell me. But getting the hard numbers was an important step in this truth.

So, enough wind up. Da Da Da Da: I am the new champion in Inches Lost for the History of Fit Camp at my gym -- 22 inches lost! That 22 total inches off -- from each arm and leg, on the waist, bust, hips and butt. They are literally posting my results at the gym on a poster. I lost 1/2 a stone too! (that is 6 pounds) and as my instructor tells me, more actual weight will come off now that I have converted my blubber to muscle.

I am darn proud -- not just of my (fab) results, but for doing something I was most scared about. Going headlong into the gym and ignoring any hangups and insecurities and just (sorry Nike) doing it.

I feel good, but I am not done. I am continuting on in a Fit Camp Revival for the next 6 weeks and have made some great work-out and potential out-of-the gym buddies to spur me on.

More importantly, I am off my arse and on my way.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your record-setting fitness! I'm totally impressed with your hard work, and very psyched that you are even enjoying the working out! And don't forget my fitness tip: run an extra mile so you can drink beer on the weekend! Andy

Anonymous said...

very well done indeed, carol. i am so pleased that you enjoyed yourself. may you continue to find zen in your body because i appreciate the beauty in you.

if only we were at a retreat center in montgomery county...i would lift a bowl of my gestapo to you.