Friday 4 March 2005

I hate the bus

Now that I 'commute' in Cambridge on the Citi 2 several times a week, I have come to several realisations/realizations.

  1. I hate the bus
  2. Every 10 minutes means "very occasionally" especially when you have to pee, it is raining, or cold or if you are in a hurry.
  3. Some drivers are mean
  4. Some drivers hum
  5. Old ladies and young mothers ride the bus a lot
  6. The crazy/smelly person will always sit next to you if you silently pray "please don't sit next to me"
  7. Kids are loud
  8. People have no issue taking up more of the seat then is rightly their share
  9. Sometimes kids are really cute
  10. If you are tired of waiting and start walking, the bus will pass you as you try to make it to the next stop.
  11. They advertise for Women Drivers to be bus drivers here.
  12. If you get on a very crowded bus after waiting for 30 minutes, 3 empty ones will be right behind it.
  13. When you are in a hurry, someone gets on the bus and asks the driver many many questions about the bus system.
  14. You see the same people all the time and they see you and you have an unspoken Bus People relationship
  15. You learn to walk 3 blocks to get the 25p cheaper fare.
  16. There are 15x more of the other bus lines on the road than the one you are looking for. "That is the 3rd Number 7 that has gone past in the last 10 minutes and NO number 2s"
  17. I am not a big fan of the bus

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Anonymous said...

Those sound like universal complaints about the bus. I agree with every point and can't even add anything after riding the D6 in Washington for five years. Do you ever experience the joy of standing up while riding the bus, my short friend? Andy