Saturday 9 October 2004

in the right place

I write from the biz center of Initial Style Conference Center -- in West London where my class is being held near Regent Street. I am 1.5 days in and know I have found my people. No Americans -- English, Swiss, Scotish, French and Canadian and yet I sense the same vein of people-ness and curiousity about how people connect and move.

Is wonderful.

London kicks ass of course and I felt AWFULLY cool on the train from Cambridge and then the tube this morning all by myself, like I am a regular.

Will be looking for volunteers for coaching clients!!! Please let me know (for real) if you want to start phone sessions. (you call me is the cost you pay)

Much more later. How was the Chaney v Edwards, a.k.a evil v good debate?

Things I have learned:
ta= thanks
don't call things cute -- people do not like it

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